Making Math Accessible to All

Founded in 2012 by AHA Bolivia, BOLIVIA 4WARD is an innovative math tutoring program that utilizes Kahn Academy a free on-line math tutoring program to assist economically disadvantaged children.  Originally intended for the children of the artisans working in AHA Bolivia, the program has now been expanded to include chldren in a number of orphanages and the local prisons.  Most Bolivian students are confronted with an educational system in which teachers cannot accommodate a student’s individual academic needs.  Standardized curriculum and misplaced educational reform have not addressed the individual academic needs of students, leaving children who do not understand the concepts far behind and discouraged. As a result, 50% of students drop out by the time they are entering the fifth grade. Of the poorest Bolivians, that number increases to 60.9%.

Over the past 3, BOLIVIA 4WARD has impacted over 230 children, creating new opportunities and instilling in them a love for math. After students participate in our program, they begin to see their own potential and that they can direct their own learning.

A number of our students have even become mathletes, competing in tournaments across Bolivia.

Internship Description:

Twice a year Bolivia 4WARD runs workshops in their Cochabamba office. These courses are generally in Jan and July but we are interested in expanding these options and making the workshops available all year around. In order to do this we are looking for interns to help expand the program while maintaining the quality. Additionally we would like to reach out to more educators in the Cochabamba region with trainings and materials on how to use Khan academy in their classrooms.

Intern requirements:

Skills required: basic level of Spanish, English, prior teaching or tutoring experience especially in math skills, fundraising skills, good communication skills in Spanish and English, experience working with children of all ages.

Additional Information:

Minimum time: 4 weeks and can be longer

Start date: all year long

Internships may involve a combination of the following areas:

  • Working as an instructor in one of our on-site Khan academy workshops
  • Developing promotion materials for Khan academy
  • Outreach to schools and children’s centers to identify and educate
  • Workshops development and application for teachers in public or private schools
  • Fundraising for future Khan courses

Program Includes:

  • Internship position
  • Learning modules & accompanying activities (6-8 hours per week)
  • Accommodation, shared housing
  • Site visits and internship-related transportation in Cochabamba
  • Airport pick-up & drop-off
  • All administrative costs

Program does not include:

  • Round-trip airfare to/from Cochabamba
  • Travel/emergency medical insurance
  • Spanish conversation classes (encouraged but not mandatory)


$1,500 for 4 weeks


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