Cindy Jackson is the founder of Burn Care International (BCI). In 2001, an accident in her home in Cochabamba Bolivia left her badly burned over 35 % of her body:  As she says “everything about life came to a halt on that day”. She quickly learned first-hand about long term treatments for burn victims and the tight fitting pressure suits and creams needed to keep burned tissues flexible.

Five months later she returned to Bolivia and  after seeing the treatment facilities for burn victims in the public hospital in Cochabamba started to look for solutions. Jackson and her family returned to the US in 2004 and founded BCI which to date has helped over 7,000 burn victims in various countries.

Today BCI offices are housed next to the burn unit in Cochabamba’s public hospital, Hospital Viedma. Most of the suffering and physical deformities from burns in poor countries around the world, could be prevented with education and training in pressure therapy.  The  basic treatment is not quick but it is effective and can be done by a staff with basic medical training, a good seamstress and a basic sewing machine.  BCI is dedicated to training willing medical workers in poor countries around the world how to work with burn patients so that they have the opportunity to heal properly and return to a normal life.

Internship Description:

Burn International is looking for interns in the following areas both in the hospital and in the outlying communities:

1. Community Health Manager– To raise awareness and education about burn victims in schools and other places. Once the children leave the hospital and return to their lives they are often times treated badly and discriminated against. This interferes with their reinsertion in school and with their usage of the burn “masks” which in turn hinders their recovery. The community health manager would work in the school and other institutions raising awareness about burn victims and their needs.

2. Counselor– To work with the families of burn victims giving them the emotional support they need. The families many times feel guilty and this obstructs their abilities to properly educate their children.  Additionally many times society labels them as “bad parents” creating feelings of guilt and further hindering the healing process.  The counselor would work with the families of burn victims providing emotional support and helping them through their healing processes.

Intern Requirements:

  • Experience working in and/or studying community health management.
  • Intermediate level of spoken Spanish
  • Ability to work as part of a multi-cultural team
  • Ability to design and implement workshops for teachers and parents.

Additional Information:

Program Includes:

  • Internship position
  • Accommodation, shared housing
  • Airport pick-up & drop-off
  • All administrative costs
  • 24/7 support from Bolivia Internships’ staff


Program does not include:

  • Round-trip airfare to/from Cochabamba
  • Travel/emergency medical insurance (see services)
  • Spanish conversation classes (see services)
  • Visa if needed  (see services)


$1,500 for 4 weeks