Carlos Aliaga Uria (a.k.a., Aliaga7) is a Bolivian that immersed himself professionally into several disciplines (engineering, collage making, rock composition and performance, poetry, non-academic philosophy –but is an academician of the International Informatization Academy–, research, geopolitical synthesis, and entrepreneurship), while for years standing for human rights and individual liberties, as well as for the promotion of the cybernetically humane and intelligent shareable co-evolution with the cosmos and the earth´s biosphere. Accomplish the latter, in 2012 he suggested to the world, “The Ecovbiostt Strategy: A Shareable Strategy for the Coevolution with the Cosmos and the Biosphere”.
To implement that strategy, Carlos incorporates the teachings of various scientific luminaries and colleagues in his own teachings including the work of: Moissev, Wood, Adam Trombly, Allan Savory, James Demeo, and Gary Vesperman. By offering current generations the opportunity to explore essential relationships between humans and the cosmos, Carlos hopes to change the course of human time on Earth


Internship Description:

Week 1

  • Arrive in La Paz, Bolivia
  • Orientation to the Environmental Sustainability Program
  • Visit La Paz Sites
  • Visit a deep ecology project in Sorata

Week 2-4

  • Go to Cochabamba
  • Classroom learning and discussion surrounding the work of Aliaga7 and the co-evolution with the cosmos and biosphere
  • Visit and work in “Aha Bolivia S.R.L.,” a fair labour medium size industry that Carlos set up 24 years ago with his partner Anna Hosbein. Aha Bolivia S.R.L., besides being a fair labour industry, it has been the bread maker to partially yet functionally support endeavours such as the Ecovbiostt Strategy, while providing a sustainable job opportunity to over 200 knitters from the Cochabamba Valley, that are able to work from their countryside homes and farms where they practice functional sustainable micro organic agriculture.
  • Visit and work on a sustainable forest and multi-level plantation project
  • Wrap-up discussions

Intern Requirements:

For a period of four weeks, students will engage with individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions working to create peaceful and shareable co-evolution between humans and the biosphere in Bolivia. Students will learn from seasoned professionals employing the latest thinking in environmental sustainability, along with indigenous practices and experimental projects.

Activities will include visits to sustainable farms, small sustainable industries, and a sustainable forest project. Classroom activities will concentrate on the Ecovbiostt Strategy to learn about the shareable co-evolution between human life and the biosphere. Students will gain valuable knowledge from a leading coevolution with the biosphere and the cosmos, thinker, engineer and political philosopher, and will have the opportunity to build on to existing models from the hands-on experiences gained in Bolivia.

The students will also learn about the resistance that all this work involved because lots of the new and clean energy and communication technological inventions that are proposed in the strategy have been suppressed by the world Establishment –Carlos is perhaps one of the foremost scholars in the world that has gone to the roots of from where and why that suppression comes from.

Additional Information:

This is a 4 week internship but could be extended for a longer period of time.

Program Includes:

  • Domestic travel
  • Travel Lodging
  • Lodging in Cochabamba
  • Project visits and International Meeting visit
  • Classroom Learning
  • Airport Pick-up

Program Does not Include:

  • International Airfare
  • Meals
  • Travel/Emergency Medical Insurance (required)
  • Optional cultural activities