Sustainable Architecture Internship Program

MOSCOSO ARQUITECTURA is based in Cochabamba, Bolivia and has been dedicated to sustainable, organic architecture for over 40 years. They are committed to designing and building in an environmentally respectful manner, utilizing inspiration from nature, and building with materials that take the surrounding environment into consideration. Using methods based on the interplay between energy, human needs, and the natural environment, Moscoso Arquitectura strives to honor creativity, form, comfort, and structural integrity in their work.

Internship Description:

MOSCOSO ARQUITECTURA’s Sustainable Architecture Internship Program is based in classroom type learning and practical application. Our philosophy is that students gain more experience by learning and doing.The program combines lectures with hands on experience designing, calculating, formulating, and building sustainable private and public buildings, as well as public works of art.

The first step is to lay an academic foundation in sustainable architecture by exposing the students to various subjects in a classroom type setting. The student will have ample opportunity to engage with other classmates, the instructor and the materials.  Topics include but are not limited to: Natural Forms and Design, Energy Consumption and Technology, Structural Formations, Green Building Materials

Intern requirements:

This program is suitable for students of: architecture, green building, environmental building policy, sustainable design, sustainable architecture, and anyone else interested in environmentally respectful building practices. It is necessary to have an intermediate level of Spanish.

Additional Information:

The best way to learn is by actually doing. All students participating in the Sustainable Architecture Internship Program will have the opportunity to work directly with us designing, conceptualizing, formulating plans, calculating structures, and building works. Depending on our current projects, the students will ‘get dirty’ with sustainable private or public buildings, or even public works of art. Students will work alongside Bolivian professionals to help construct green buildings. Classroom learning will be applied to the internship to create a well-rounded program.

Program Includes:

  • Internship position
  • Learning modules & accompanying activities (6-8 hours per week)
  • Accommodation, shared housing
  • Meals
  • Airport pick-up & drop-off
  • All administrative costs

Program does not include:

  • Round-trip airfare to/from Cochabamba
  • Travel/emergency medical insurance (see our info under services)
  • Spanish conversation classes (see our info under services)