About Us


This project is the brainchild of Lee Cridland and Anna Hosbein, who have lived in Bolivia for over 25 years. Anna and Lee met shortly after they both arrived in Bolivia through their volunteer work with a local orphanage called Amistad. They went on to work together with one of the first summer volunteer programs in Bolivia, Andes to Amazon. From there Lee co-founded a volunteer program, Volunteer Bolivia and travel agency, Bolivia Cultura. In the meantime Anna, after teaching for a few years, came full circle, starting a sustainable artisan business, Aha Bolivia, with her husband Carlos Aliaga. She also founded the education project, Bolivia 4ward.
Their friendship drew them back together and Bolivia Internships was born. Both Anna and Lee have learned that Bolivia has countless inspirational people and projects that could impact the lives of interns, volunteers and students of all ages. However, many of the people committed to these projects do not have the time, know-how or perhaps even capacity to connect with interns directly. To bridge this gap Bolivia Internships has created a community of dynamic and supportive people both inside Bolivia and abroad and a membership driven website that offers the highest quality and most challenging internships available. We invite to explore out website and join us for the adventure of a lifetime.


Bolivia Internships is a year round internship program based on the philosophy that sharing cultures, compassion and knowledge is what makes life meaningful. We offer high quality professional internships in a number of areas: Sustainable business, food and farming, micro-business, deep ecology, green architecture. All of our internships are customized and socially responsible and we provide meaningful cultural exchange by offering language classes and home stays.