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Bianca Velez

Global Fellows is an incredible experience that truly changed my life. After spending seven weeks in Bolivia, I am a more mindful and empowered person. At Bolivia 4ward, we were entrusted with the responsibility of running seven blended learning programs in Bolivian high schools, implementing educational online platforms like Khan Academy to supplement existing mathematics curricula,

while collecting data that demonstrated the success of blended learning to propose future expansions to the Government. Conducting such great work and being responsible for this program allowed me to grow personally and professionally. We were at work bright and early every day, taking initiative and giving it our all while running around the city teaching classes and meeting with teachers and volunteers. Such independence allowed me to enhance my discipline and determination in my work. I greatly enjoyed living in Bolivia; I miss the bustling Cochabamba city and culture. Traveling to a foreign country to live for two months was the ultimate challenge, but thanks to Global Fellows, it was the ultimate blessing as well.

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