Extra Activities

Wondering what you will do in your free time while interning with us? There are innumerable options for every age and interest.

Day tours and Classes 

Graffiti tour: Come along on a guided bike tour of over 30 murals by local and international artists. A great way to learn Latin American history while on the move!!

Valley Artisan Tour:  The small picturesque small towns of Tarata, Cliza, Punata, Arani and Huaculli are included in this day long trip through the past. Along the way we will visit local weavers and ceramicists to get an up close look at how they practice their traditional crafts.

That Crazy Arquitect Tour– A visit to the amazing structures created by local arquitect Mario Moscoso.  His organic structures made primarily of cement and chicken wire play at the edges of the imagination.  This place is crazy- with animals all over the place and his wife´s Graciela Neira workshop set smack in the middle.

Vida y Esperanza Trail Riding: A day on horseback with the young men who are part of this innovative equine assisted therapy project.  The day starts at their center where both the boys and horses live and where you can witness equine assisted therapy as it works with these at risk youth. A 3 hour ride through the countryside ends with a delicious lunch back at the center.  You might have so much fun you will want to sign up for lessons!

Dance classes: Learn to dance a number of traditional Bolivian dances and make new friends, Salsa and Bachata classes also available.

Cooking Classes: Cochabambinos live to eat not eat to live. We can get you hooked up with cooking classes with a famous Bolivian chef where you learn to make some of the more popular traditional dishes as well as take you on our Gluttonous CRAZY TOUR  of local eating establishments.

Weekend Tours

Salar de Uyuni

Parque National Toro Toro

Pico Tunari