Flexibility: The Key to A Bolivian Internship

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Typically, I am not one who enjoys leaving my comfort zone, so coming into my time in my Bolivian internship, I was unsure as to how I would react, knowing that I would most definitely need to try new things and go with the flow.  Now, 4 weeks in, I can say that I have embraced the virtue of flexibility, for which I am really proud.

I have become more flexible in a couple of different settings. One of which is in my work setting. Each day presents us with a new project and I have found that it is great for keeping me on my toes. I have worked on such a wide variety of projects, ranging from sending surveys to clients as well as working on generating content to be used for future marketing endeavors.

Toro toro plaza
The main plaza in Toro Toro
Bolivia internship participants in the cave.

Not only have I been flexible in the Bolivian internship, but I have also been flexible during our time traveling. Now, this flexibility is both literal and figurative. For instance, during our adventure to Torotoro, one of my favorite trips, we went spelunking in a cave. I never thought that I would ever go so deep inside of a cave and have to squeeze through such tight spaces – at one point, we had to army crawl through a space about 20 inches wide! Talk about flexibility! Either way, I had such a time during the cave spelunking trip as well as the hike down to the waterfall. I loved getting to bond with the fellow interns that weekend and I loved getting to see another side of Bolivia.

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