Meet the Staff

Lee Cridland is originally from upstate NY and has been living and working in Cochabamba, Bolivia for more than 20 years. She originally moved south to work as a teacher in a local orphanage designing a reading enrichment program for the 70 children living on site. During this time Lee was the co-director of The Andean Information Network an organization that documents human rights abuses in the Chapare region of Bolivia. After living in Bolivia for several years she founded Volunteer Bolivia the first organization to offer secular service learning experiences and cultural immersion in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Her specialty is working with university academic programs providing logistical services including risk management as well as curriculum development. Lee has worked with numerous universities including Rutgers, UC Colorado, Colby College and Colorado College among others.
She is thrilled to be on the ground floor with Bolivia Internships using her expertise to take charge of the daily operations of the organization. She and her 16 year old daughter live in Cochabamba with 3 dogs and too many cats. They both love horses, Netflix and visiting grandma in the US from time to time.

Anna Hosbein de Aliaga

Anna Hosbein de Aliaga is the community coordinator and intern liason for Bolivia Interships. She has always been an adventurer. She graduated from Princeton University in 1984 with a degree in History of Ideas. Within a year of graduating she had saved enough money to travel to India. There she worked in a leprosy center, with Mother Teresa and with indigenous groups. She started to write freelance and has had her work published in The Economist, The San Francisco Chronicle, Time Out London and other publications.
She returned to the US and got a BS in nursing from the University of San Francisco. During her studies, she met Carlos Aliaga in Bolivia and returned there soon after she graduated. She worked in the women’s prison as a nurse, in two American Schools and then started AHA Bolivia with Carlos to support the puma project that they had started. She has been working in sustainable business for over 23 years and has also worked in various internship programs including Andes to Amazon in the early 90’s and more recently Bolivia Internships.
Recently she has been chosen to be a Vital Voices Fellow and is routinely asked to give presentations on Technology in the Classroom, Sustainable Business and Women and Business in the Developing World.

Helga Gruberg Cazón

Helga Gruberg Cazón is a young Bolivian professional interested in agro ecology, local management of agro biodiversity and food sovereignty. In 2006, with a group of friends, she created Gaia Pacha, an environmental NGO in Cochabamba. Since then she has worked with a number of different action /research projects in rural areas of Bolivia. In 2012 she graduated from the Wageningen University and Research Centre (The Netherlands) with a Masters in the Science of Development and Rural Innovation. Through her studies of “rural” development she came to realize that farmers, indigenous groups and rural communities are weighted down with the responsibility of environment stewardship (eg. Climate change adaptation, soil and water recovery, sustainable food production, etc.). While inhabitants in the cities lay back and enjoy the benefits. This in turn led to her decision to return to Bolivia and work in the promotion of green cities. She is Bolivia Internships communication and media coordinator.

Sunny Tattersall

Sunny Tattersall was born in England to a British father and a Brazilian mother. His family migrated to the U.S. where his father worked in the film industry. Sunny grew up assisting his father in various roles and finally ended up behind the camera. For Sunny the film industry was a great opportunity to build his career but he knew that one day he wanted to travel, to explore, to experience something adventurous. His brother Rio had begun a trip on bicycle around U.S. and Canada and he invited Sunny to join him. In April 2014 Rio arrived to Los Angeles with his bike ready to go and an open invitation for a grand journey.  Sunny had just finished working on the movie ‘Atlas Shrugged’ based on a book by Ayn Rand and had the money and open schedule. He quickly converted an old bike from his father’s garage into a traveling machine, and hit the road. Two years and 12,000 kilometers later, he has found a new home in Cochabamba, Bolivia. He finds jobs and projects along the way, including taking the photographs for the recently launched Bolivia Internship website.