Safety and Security

security-uqvdfjCochabamba generally has a relaxed atmosphere, and is known for having the pace of life of a large town rather than that of a city.  Most incidents of crime involving foreigners tend to be of the petty sort and firearms are almost unheard of outside of those possessed by law enforcement personnel.

However, at Bolivia Internships we take the issue of intern safety and security very seriously and implement a preventative approach.  Prior to arrival, interns receive a safety and security packet, which they are expected to review in detail before disembarking in Bolivia.  Upon arrival to Bolivia, a more detailed safety and security training is provided which includes the following key areas: Personal Security Awareness, Travel and Logistics, Natural Hazards and Disasters, Dealing with High Risk Situations, and Communications.

Interns will receive a cell phone to be used during their stay in Bolivia.  Staff members are on hand 24/7 throughout the course of the program, ready to provide support and address any circumstances as they arrive.  If needed, contact can be made quickly with relevant embassy staff on any issues.

Our goal is to work jointly to keep interns safe, healthy, and productive during their project experience, maximizing their time in this amazing country.