How My Spanish Has Improved during My Bolivian Internship!

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I can’t believe that 3 weeks ago, I arrived here in Cochabamba for my Bolivian internship with AHA Bolivia knowing only the Spanish taught to me by Dora and seen in taquerias back home. Though I didn’t have many phrases under my belt, I arrived with a willingness (no, a voracious appetite) to learn this important, widely spoken language.

Here we are, 3 weeks later. My boss and fellow interns have remarked at how much my Spanish has improved. And I would totally agree with them! I work incredibly my hard in my Spanish lessons (it helps that I truly enjoy my adorable tutor, Marta, who is incredibly encouraging and vocal about my improvement) and have been constantly practicing with locals!

Because I work better outside the busy office, I spend afternoons working and sketching in coffee shops. There I have to work on my Spanish, because the waiters don’t speak English! I continually push myself out of my comfort zone because that’s the only way one grows—this holds true for my language immersion experience. I figure that the more uncomfortable I am, the more I will improve.

I’m about to improve a lot in my last week here, because I will be spending the mornings of my bolivian internship with the tejadoras who only speak Spanish! How exciting!

I’m truly humbled by this experience and hope to continue having culturally immersive experiences like this one so I can keep growing in my abilities.

Jo Gopinath

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